Sunday, November 26, 2017

Gov’t Confirms U.S. Jihadi Cult Under Investigation

Gov’t Confirms US Jihadi Cult Under InvestigationMuslims of America (MOA) is known for its “Islamic villages” in North AmericaRead
It's Time for US Drones to Take on ISIS in EgyptThere's no risk to American troops. It's a win-winListen and Comment
Jihadis Imperil Europe - Under Threat From Shiites, SunnisIran warns of ballistic missile attack, while ISIS targets Christmas marketsRead
News Analysis
Reactions to the HorrorWhat the Egyptian media said about the mosque attack in the SinaiRead
Readers Write
“When someone tells you who they are...believe them! It shows an incredible lack of imagination for the U.S. to allow this type of gathering and the hatred that spews from it. It goes waaay beyond free speech and is a clear harbinger of their ultimate objective.”
“Then will we finally see that pornography destroys men and their minds?”
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